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327 It's Over 2010-12-31

rocky Mountain National Park

2010 is done. Well we have a little over 12 hours left in the year; but it is done - this is my last post of the year.

2010 was a good year for us. We had good heath and continued to learn and have fun. What more can you ask for?

I don't think anyone in our family even had a cold this year. I am not bragging; but after having pneumonia last year I find that it is easy to overlook the most obvious blessings - good health. Now as far as mental health, Amy thinks I am a little cracked, but at least she puts up with those flaws.

We continue to learn how to write, draw maps, and share our adventures. We hope that they inspire you to get outside and do more. There are plenty of adventures out there, you just have to step outside the door to find them.

With only one salary and that being of a school teacher (you know how well they are paid) we have had to adjust our ways of living by buying less. We are not in need, we have adapted to a new lifestyle. We aretrying to buy only what we need and not much else. The changes have lead us to a simpler lifestyle. We are not buying things that only gather dust. We are trying to be greener. Now, if we could just find a better means for traveling on trips ...

We continue to have a never ending thirst for being outside. It is where we both feel most at home, it is where we have fun. The other day we went down to Montgomery Bell to hike the day hike trails. It was a great day and an easy adventure. We truly felt refreshed from all of the holiday celebrations and stress. It was just what we needed.

In 2011 we hope to continue to offer good products with Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking. The metro to Mountain Journal entries will continue to be written on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. New Scree will be put up on the other days. In cloudhiking we will continue to write visual guides to the trails and draw maps. Therefore, we will continue to go out and gather information. If you have an area or trail that needs a guide, let us know.

Please help us by visiting the sites regularly and spreading the word. We are trying to grow but we need your help make it work. Please share the sites with others. Thanks for a great 2010, we look forward to 2011 and hopefully doing a hike with you - personally or through the online guides.

Next week we are planning on having a year in review for both Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking. In the entries we will name some of our favorite posts. It should be fun and a great start to 2011.

Happy 2010 trails.


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