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413 Beavers 2011-06-07

beaver lodge

Rabid beavers have been found in a Philadelphia park. The aggressive beavers have bitten at least four people.

I have never had trouble with beaver attacks; but I have had other similar sized animals attack me. On a trip to climb Longs Peak in 1979, a marmot attacked our party as we neared Chasm Lake. The belligerent beast showed its teeth and charged. The four of us, brave mountaineers all, jumped out of the way. The marmot wanted food. It was obvious he was not going to let us pass until we gave him food. One of my partners drew his ice axe and fended off the varmint. We all ran past, laughing. On our return trip we were watchful; but did not see him guarding the path.

Back to Philadelphia, one beaver attacked a couple of fishermen and a child. One of the fishermen actually fended off the animal by hitting him with a rock. He probably wished he had an ice axe!

In April another fisherman was attacked by a beaver, this man fought back and is said to have drowned the beaver. Hmm. How exactly do you drown a beaver? A beaver can hold it's breath for up to fifteen minutes (Wikipedia). So you would have to hold the squirming critter underwater for longer than I would want to try to defend against his sharp little claws and teeth.

If you are bitten by a beaver: thoroughly wash and clean the wound and then visit a doctor as soon as possible. The State Wildlife Agency will want to catch or kill the animal and test it for rabies. Contact the Wildlife Department and supply all the information possible to help capture the animal.

There is adventure in the wilds whether it is downtown Philadelphia or Rocky Mountain National Park. Always keep a safe distance from wild animals, never give them food, and watch for aggressive behavior.

(UPI Story)

Happy I hope they didn't get rabies trails.


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