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759 Best of Gear, Green, and
Diversions - 2012

bear prints on our Honda Element

As we look forward to 2013, we also enjoy looking back at the past - 2012. Once again, it is time to pick our favorite Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking entries from last year. Today, we are choosing Journal entries from Gear, Green, and Diversions categories. Choosing was not easy, but these are some of the entries that we enjoyed ...

Our Top Journal Entries for Gear

  1. CGear Multimat - 10/03/12 - The Multimat is a woven mat we use under the Zing tarp. The mat is amazing. It was also our "surprise" piece of gear for the year.
  2. Southbound - 01/18/12 - A great book about the Barefoot Sisters hiking the Appalachian Trail - southbound. The book gives the reader a good dose of the AT culture.
  3. Sewing with an Awl - 05/16/12 - Detailed instructions on how to sew as well as a few helpful tips. Sewing with an awl is fun, even if you are not a sailor.

Our Top Journal Entry for Green

  1. Top Ten Earth Day Resolutions - 04/26/12 - 10 suggestions on how to live a greener lifestyle.

Ooops, we only wrote a couple of Green entries, sorry we've been too busy making maps!

Our Top Journal Entries for Diversions

  1. Bear Burglary - 07/07/12 - In late June our vehicle was broken into by a black bear while camped at a National Forest Service Campground near Rocky Mountain National Park.
  2. Lost in a Black Hole - 04/19/12 - Everybody loses things, but I obsess about the lost item until I find them. So where do you look when you can't find something, try the Black Hole bag.
  3. A Better Mousetrap - 02/03/12 - Our discovery of a better mouse trap, our dog's food bag! It really works.


Happy 'the very best' Trails

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