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556 Best of Gear, Green, and Diversions - 2011 2012-01-12

closet of running shoes

Once again, it is time to pick our favorite Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking entries from last year. Today, we are choosing Journal entries from Gear, Green, and Diversion Categories (the Categories are the Metro to Mountain Journal Categories listed in the right sidebar). Choosing was not easy, as there was little difference between number 4 and number 3 of each category. Still someone has to be number 1, so we tried our best ...

The 2010 Picks were - Best of Mountains, Trails, and Metro, Best of Diversions, Gear, and Green, Best of cloudhiking


Our Top Journal Entries for Gear

  1. Summer Gear - 08/26/11 - a summary and comments on the gear we used on our summer trip to Colorado.
  2. JetBoil Group Cooking System - 02/09/11 - after using the JetBoil pot on a home stovetop, we began using it at home. It boils water like no other cooking vessel.
  3. Day Pack Equipment List - 03/02/11 - a list to help you chose what to carry and what to leave behind.

Our Top Journal Entries for Green (note: there were only three Green articles in 2011. They were good, though.)

  1. Gas Guzzling Cities - 05/22/11 - Nashville was number four on the list; a look at a few reasons why.
  2. Composting - 09/15/11 - composting can sometimes be tricky, especially with a nosy dog.
  3. Bulbs from Santa - 12/20/11 - the death of the incandescent light bulb - Rep Blackburn urges Tennesseans to give the bulbs as Christmas gifts - afterall they burn more electricty and don't last nearly as long ...

Our Top Journal Entries for Diversions

  1. Foot Odor or Worse! - 02/13/11 - what could be worse than foot odor in running shoes ??? Well, this tops it!
  2. Lumberjack - 11/10/11 - going to the country to collect wood. It is fun to play lumberjack.
  3. Dedicated Employee - 10/11/11 - a dedicated pet store employee talks of eating treats, dog treats!

Next Tuesday, we will pick our top adventure guides from cloudhiking.

Happy trails.


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