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554 Best of Mountains, Trails, and Metro - 2011 2012-01-10

elk crossing a road

Once again, it is time to pick our favorite Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking entries from last year. Today, we are choosing Journal entries from Mountains, Trails, and Metro categories. Choosing was not easy, as there was little difference between number 4 and number 3 of each category. Still someone has to be number 1, so we tried our best ...

The 2010 Picks were - Best of Mountains, Trails, and Metro, Best of Diversions, Gear, and Green, Best of cloudhiking


Our Top Journal Entries for Mountains

  1. Summer Stories - Road Crossing - 11/11/11 - a humorous look at how to cross a busy National Park road. Drivers stop for every living creature, well, other than man ...
  2. First Fourteener - 08/13/11 - tips on how to climb a Fourteener, from training and scheduling to the actual climb and what to expect.
  3. Alum Cave Trail - 05/13/11 - re-hiking Mount LeConte via the Alum Cave Trail to verify incorrect map data. Is Arch Rock in the wrong location on the map? How could that be? Alum Cave Trail is also one of our favorite hikes.

Our Top Journal Entries for Trails

  1. Hiking Skills - Leave No Trace - 02/21/11 - the introduction to the all important Leave No Trace series.
  2. Multi-Use Horse Trail Packing List - 01/14/11 - a humorous look at sharing a trail with horses.
  3. Trail Sense - All The Lightest Gear - 10/17/11 - a quick look at the packs, tents, sleeping bags, and pads that we carry to keep our overall weights light.

Our Top Journal Entries for Metro

  1. Bicycling - 08/30/11 - bicycle, I'm not going to ride a bicycle. A humorous trip to the grocery.
  2. Tennessee Riverpark - 08/29/11 - our visit to Chattanooga and riding through the linear park on the greenway.
  3. Traffic Calming - 10/06/11 - city engineers use lane changes to calm traffic. Well, at least they tried.

We hope you had fun revisiting some of last years pages. Thanks for all of your support.

Thursday we will review our top entries for Diversions, Gear, and Green.

Happy trails


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