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901 The Best Of Trails - 13 2014-01-24

Mousetail Landings Scenic View Trail

As we look forward to new adventures in 2014, we also enjoy looking back at the past - 2013. Once again, it is time to pick our favorite Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking entries from last year. Today, we are choosing Journal entries from the Trails category. Choosing was not easy, but these are some of the entries that we enjoyed from trails hiked and articles about trails.

Trails Hiked in 2013

We hiked over 20 trails in the Middle Tennessee area, but we are only going to choose 3 from that group. The picking is biased, naturally. Outside factors also played into our choices, such as weather or the folks we were with. Here's our picks ...

Standing Stone Park and Trails - Last January we made a visit to Standing Stone State Park. The Park is about an hour north of Cookeville, TN. This was our first visit to the Park. We were impressed by the Park, especially the old stone work in the buildings and structures. The highlight of our visit was walking the Lake Trail. It was a great tour of the Park.

Mousetail Landing State Park - Located in Middle Tennessee on the east bank of the Tennessee River, Mousetail Landing Park is a favorite of those using the River and for hikers on their network of trails. The Park is most noted for the Overnight Trail which includes two shelters, but we really enjoyed the shorter Scenic View Trail also.

Hidden Passage - Pickett State Park - We returned to Pickett State Park to hike the Hidden Passage Trail. Hidden Passage is full of sandstone rockhouses and formations as the trail weaves a passage, sometimes hidden. Many use the trail as an overnight backpacking hike, but it is also suitable as a dayhike.

Top Journal Entries for Trails - 2013

Our favorites of the articles published in the Journal - Trails.

Minimum Impact Usage - The first in a series of wilderness ethics articles. Instead of making rules the new look at outdoor usage places the burden on user to do the least damage possible.

Summer Stories - The Duty - An entry on the joys and problems with dogs in the woods. So who does have to cleanup all of those poop bags just left at the trailhead???

Crowded Days in the Park - A humorous look at the many ways to avoid a Park full of people. The more skilled the user, the more ways they will find to visit the Park without the masses.

Happy Trails for 2013


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