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330 Best of cloudhiking 2011-01-07

greenway bridge

Continuing on the picks from the Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking sites for our favorites of the year 2010, we are trying to choose our favorite cloudhiking Adventure Guides for Trails and Metro Paths. During the year we walked many trails, paths, and greenways. After completing an adventure we would decide if we wanted to work the data we collected into an Adventure Guide. There were a few trails that we chose not to develop into guides. There are many trails that we liked but just have not had time to finish the work. All of the areas that we publish as an Adventure Guide are winners to us. Choosing which winner we liked best was not easy, as there was but a small difference between our picks.

Oh, and naturally if you want to suggest another Adventure Guide, just comment below.


Our Top cloudhiking Entries for Metro Paths

  1. Shelby Bottoms Greenway The Cumberland River Bridge lifts the greenway to prominence. The area is well used and enjoyable. The greenway consists of several paved paths in the Shelby Bottoms area and the bridge crossing the river to Two Rivers Park.
  2. Richland Creek Greenway The path travels the perimeter of McCabe Park. A newly added section has taken the path off of all the neighborhood streets. Also of note: the area received major damage in the flood; but all the paths are now reopened.
  3. Cumberland River Downtown Section The section weaves along the river and through industrial areas to link the Metro Center to Fort Nashboro at Riverfront Park. A side path links to Bicentennial State Park.

Our Top cloudhiking Entries for Trails in the Nashville Area

  1. Mossy Ridge, Warner Parks As an urban trail Mossy Ridge is hard to beat. The trail has six good hill climbs and crosses a variety of terrains. The trail sees a lot of traffic but is well maintained. Dogs are allowed on the trail; but must be on a leash.
  2. Henry Hollow Loop Trail, Beaman Park A close second to Mossy Ridge, the trail climbs a hill on a well graded trail and then descends a hollow to a creek. The creek is followed to return to the trailhead. The park grounds and facilities are excellent.

Our Top cloudhiking Entries for Trails Outside the Nashville Area

  1. Barfield Crescent Park Trails The city of Murfreesboro Park includes paved paths and trails. The Marshall Knobs Trail journeys trough the area from the banks of Stones River to the tops of the knobs. The area was a surprise to us.
  2. Montgomery Bell Trail The ten plus mile overnight trail is an urban backpacking trail. There are three sleeping shelters positioned along the trail system for overnighters, tents are not allowed. The trail is very well maintained and only rated as a moderate. The trail can also be hiked as a day hike.

Our Top cloudhiking Entries for Trails in Tennessee

  1. Big Creek Loop Trail, Savage Gulf The South Cumberland State Park at Stone Door trailhead launches this excursion into the State Natural Area. The connecting trails go from the rim to the creek, to a prominent water fall, then back to the rim and along the rim to return to the trailhead. The trail is rated as hard; but only has one major climb - from the creek returning to the rim.
  2. Gilbert Gaul Trail, Fall Creek Falls The trail is a moderate ramble to the lake and along it's shores before it returns to the trailhead. A beaver lodge on the lake is definitely a highlight.

We have hiked a lot of trails which we intend to make adventure journals as time allows. If you would like to see a guide for a certain area, please let us know, we might be able to move it up on our to do list!

Happy 2010 trails.


Best of cloudhiking - 2011

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