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024 Christmas Wish 2008-12-26

Christmas wishes

This seems purely selfish, but I have a Christmas wish, a bare necessity, I just want to get well. My wife and I have had the crud for a week! She even went to the Doctor and we are still just working on getting well.

With my minor illness I thought of all the other people in the world who make this same wish. "I don’t want a new Red Rider BB Gun, I just want to be well." When you are sick, nothing is right. Getting well is your only wish. The wish is even stronger for those who have true illness, as they battle cancer, heart disease, MS, ALS, etc. Their pleas fill the halls of the hospitals, as they beg for a cure.

Then there are those who suffer some handicap: sight, sound, mobility, mental, etc. Their desires are for fairness. A plea for being.

We humans are filled with optimism. No matter the despair, we believe that we will get better. We will be cured. What an unbelievable trait we have in never ending hopefulness. With hope and education cures can be found - we are sure of it. Personally I am not interested in miracles, randomly healing a person or two, I want a cure so that everyone can be healed. I hope for the research that finally cures cancer, heart disease, MS, ALS, .... I believe we will find a way to give a form of sight, sound, mobility, and mental wellness to those in need.

And hopefully someday there will be a cure for the common cold. In the meantime, maybe I will feel better tomorrow.


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