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035 Day One 2009-01-21

Obama bumper sticker

The inauguration was yesterday. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent I hope that you heard the speech by President Obama and felt inspired. The President said there is a lot of work ahead and the fixes are not going to be easy.

That said, let’s look at the automakers, again. GM claims they will be out of money again by the end of March. The big three feel they will not be able to comply with the new environmental regulations.

Sorry. You know at times I feel so cynical, but I just don’t understand what the automakers are thinking. Do they think people are naive enough to believe that the hugh trucks, SUVs, and cars are the most efficient vehicles? Or that the cost of gasoline will not surpass the previous highs of last summer? America needs to get out of the oil business! We need to lower our consumption rates through conservation and continue the adaption of sustainable sources of energy.

If the big three automakers continue to build gas guzzling smog machines, Americans will buy their cars from other manufacturers, those who understand the worlds problems. Of course the big three might finally be able to comply with the new environmental standards, because no one will be buying their vehicles!

The Steel Belt voted convincingly for Obama, but now the auto manufacturers seem to be complaining about his policies on Day One.

My plea is: please, President Obama do not compromise your vision and give in to the automakers. Make America strong (energy independent) and green. If the auto manufacturers want to join America in the vision, then make vehicles for the America of today and the future or close your doors.


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