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494 Dedicated Employee 2011-10-11

dog cookie treats in a bag

Our good dog Jake, had been scratching continuously over the past few weeks. To find a cure to his itch, we decided to change his dog food. Over the weekend we went to a pet store to look for a new dog food product.

The store was packed with customers and pet shelter volunteers as the store was sponsoring a pet adoption day. We found our way through the cages in the aisles to the wide selection of dog foods. An employee was helping another customer with dog food and I overheard their conversation. The employee seemed very committed to finding just the right pet food to satisfy the customer. The employee was dedicated.

We selected a new dog food and while browsing in the store also picked up a few dog treats. The store had a dog treat bar. Bowls of treats were situated on a "salad bar" looking table. We filled a special dog print bag with a few of Jake's favorites - the sandwich cookie. We knew that Jake really liked the cookie treat. In fact, Jake liked the cookies so well, we were suspicious as to actual ingredients of the tasty treat.

The dedicated employee that I had overheard in the dog food aisle, opened a register for us. As a part of check-out counter chit-chat, I asked him what they actually put in the cookies, because our dog really liked them.

He proceeded to tell us about the cookies. They are actually made with fit for human ingredients. Essentially, it was the same as an "Oreo-like" cookie. Hmm. He was acting like he wanted to offer a bit more information; but held back.

After a few more questions, the dedicated employee offered that the treats were good as long as you ate them fresh.

Ah, he finally came out of the closet and admitted that he was a dog food treat eater. After his confession he offered even more tasty bits of knowledge such as the chocolate chip looking cookies were really made with carob chips and more.

Now, I really doubt that the company asked the employee to eat the pet snacks. I also doubt that the company wanted to entice their customers to indulge in the treats. No matter, it was a fun conversation with a really dedicated employee. He did go beyond the call of duty.

Once home, our dog, Jake, got his treat of treats. He really does enjoy them. And as of yet, I have not been tempted to try one. They look a little stale to me. I'll just save them for Jake. We will return to the store though, it was just too much fun.

Happy dedicated employee trails (or tails) woof, woof


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