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799 Earth Day 2013-04-22

worker at the Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Sanctuary Booth

Saturday we participated in the Nashville Earth Day Festivities at Centennial Park. Last year's celebration was dampened by the cool, rainy weather, but this year the weather was nearly perfect. It was a great day for celebrating.

Many booths lined the grounds. We spoke at length at the Beaman to Bells Bend Conservation Corridor - to learn more about the corridor, the Companion Seed Company - for Amy to get some seeds and learn about their seeding programs, Nashvitality - trying to figure out the differences in the red and green biking programs, the Elephant Sanctuary - a friend was telling everyone all about the elephants - yes here in Tennessee, and Metro Beautification Commission - they had a stop cigarette butt litter campaign and we have neighbors who seem to flip their butts on the sidewalk, we got 'em a couple of the pocket ashtrays to discretely pass along!

Drum Corp and dance

Drum Corp and Dancer

We enjoyed our short celebration and then went home to outdoor chores.

Most celebrations for Earth Day were held over the weekend, but today is the actual date (22nd). So take the time to celebrate by doing something good for the earth and yourself. Connect with the planet. A good way to feel the Earth is to take a hike, maybe even on an unfamiliar trail.

Recently I visited Cedars of Lebanon State Park twice while working on a map for the new cross-country trail. While I was in the Park I found time to walk three short trails. I was amazed at how nice they were, but it was the first time I had walked them. They were ...

moss on the Cedar Glade Trail

Moss on the Cedar Glade Nature Trail - 1/2 mile

Pool along the Dixon Marritt Trail

Pool along the Dixon Marritt Trail - 1/2 mile

Limestone path on the Limestone Sinks Trail

Limestone path on the Limestone Sinks Trail - 1/2 mile

Before these two visits, I had only hiked the longer Hidden Springs and Cedar Forest trails and then left. Well, I had short changed the Park, the short paths were fun and because I was unfamiliar with the trails, the new sights and sounds raised my awareness. Just think of how many other hidden gems I have overlooked! (cloudhiking's Cedars of Lebanon map)

So a good way to Celebrate Earth Day is to take a hike on an unfamiliar trail, but however you choose to observe the day - just remember to always be kind to our small planet - earth.

Happy Earth Day trails


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