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726 Election 2012 2012-11-07

Vote signs at a poll

The 2012 election is over. Thank goodness! We were getting a bit tired of all of the campaigning.

And for the results, almost half the country voted for one party and half for the other. In electoral votes the margin of victory was larger, but overall the margin of victory for the popular vote was not mathematically significant. The message of the election is there are as many avid liberals as there are conservatives. So how does the government get back together after a fierce election and get anything done?

candidate signs

The United States Government is a bit like a marriage, two equal parties, both with one vote. I do not know a lot about marriage, but I do know what helps make ours work. We were married in our 40's and had to find a way to merge our two individual lives. No one wears the pants in our family and no one wears the dresses. We each have one vote on all decisions. When we agree we have one vote, and when we disagree we still have just one vote. If then, it is time to go out to dinner, and my wife says she wants to go to Boscos and I vote for Fidos instead, what do we do? We could just eat at different restaurants, but no we are going to eat together. Often times we then pull out a menu to remind us of what each restaurant has to offer, but without an argument, one of us makes a definite commitment to join the other wherever they chose to go. We allow the other one to decide where to go, because we like each other and like being together. Do we always agree? No! But, we like seeing our mate happy and don't mind putting forth the effort to find a common ground that works for both of us.

Our Government operates as a two party system with basically one vote for each party. The system works when both parties want Americans to be happy, but the system has trouble when either party only wants their party members to be happy.

The Republicans and Democrats might not ever join together in total agreement of any policy, but to make Americans happy - both parties have to find the common ground to make the system work. It's really not that hard, just ask my wife!

Happy election trails


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