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210 Life or Else 2010-04-02

mountain goat on mount Quandry

For the last couple of weeks we have been watching "Life" on the Discovery Channel. This last weekend we quit. Turned the television off. Shut it down. We had had enough.

Having loved the Planet Earth Series we anxiously had been waiting for the start of the Life Series. With breathtaking photos and unbelievable footage, the Planet Earth episodes were truly a step above other similar programs. We even bought the DVDs.

But, as started watching Life we began to notice something odd. The show was about Life, well or else! Each episode the narrator tried to sensationalize the gory deaths of the prey or their narrow escapes. There was the seals and the killer whales, the ibex and the fox, the hyenas and the lions, the kamodo dragon and the water buffalo, and the reindeer cow searching for her calf.


If it is life, survival of the fittest; then the commonplace deaths should be treated in lackluster fashion. The script for Life, instead over dramatizes everything. Oddly enough, Life feels like a docudrama about nature.

We don’t know if the reindeer cow was looking for her calf or just some wandering reindeer. And was the calf they showed lying dead in the snow, the same calf that belonged to the wandering reindeer? I doubt it!

Then at the same time, my wife and I said, "you know I don't like this show!" How odd that we both felt the same way at the same time. We don’t watch docudramas! We turned it off.

So to Life - please, change the theme, we are more interested in life than your morbid sensational tales.

Happy (live) bunny trails.


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