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120 Oh, Modem 2009-09-04

Modem and Airport

I am out of sorts this morning... our internet connection is down. We actually have an old modem (Comcast said it is on the "dead list") that has been acting a bit irregular - dropping the connection, etc. Well, last night the modem decided it did not want to come back on line even after a procedural restart. Not to worry, crazy things like this have happened before, I’d just try again in the morning.

Morning came and the modem still would not boot. Gads, what was I going to do. No internet for the morning or at least until I fix the problem. It is not going to be fun.

I soon realized that in a few short hours I was news starved. I did not know what was happening in Nashville or the rest of the world. I did not even know who won the Oregon - Boise State football game or if 14ers.com had any new trip reports. I watched morning television to try and follow the current events, but found myself surfing the channels for the news that interested me. It was not to be found. I felt like I am being spoon fed news like a baby is food. It doesn’t matter what I want to eat, I only get whatever the feeder wants me to have no matter how much I cry.

While we were traveling this summer we went for two months without internet. We could do it now too, if we wanted to. During the summer we did not like being disconnected, even though we adjusted to the news-less life style. Every town we traveled through, we found a connection at a coffee shop, restaurant, or store. We sometimes stayed in motels just for an internet connection. We like to read our news. And we could go to a coffee shop in Nashville until our home problems are fixed... Yes, indeed, but it is not the same as sitting in the confines of of good old W Linden Ave.



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