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Nautical Charts, Boy Scout Leaders, Errors


electronic navigation chart

Nautical Charts

On October 22, 2013, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) announced in the spring of 2014, the US Government will cease the printing of nautical charts. In essence chart navigation will be superseded by electronic navigation.

The chart information will continue to be updated by NOAA, but the data will only be offered in digital form. For those die hards, customized printed charts will be available from print on demand dealers.

It's another case of the electronic evolution. Of course to sit for a license I am sure you will still have to prove your competence on a printed chart. In fact anything other than traditional navigation skills (using a map, compass, sextant, signal lights and sounds), are still considered merely aids to navigation. Perhaps a modern paradigm of electronic navigation will finally be accepted.

In the meantime, Davy Jones, you'd better make room in that locker for all those charts coming your way in the spring!


Boy Scout Leaders

The Boy Scouts of America is a wonderful organization. As a budding teen, I spent three years in the troops engrossed in merit badges, camps, and camping. I soon realized that the Boy Scouts were only as good as the volunteer, Boy Scout Leaders.

As a past Scout, it was sad to see the recent incident of the Boy Scout Leader separating a boulder from the top of a toadstool type formation in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. In the video they shot and posted online, Boy Scouts were present and joined in the triumphant dance after the boulder was toppled by a leader.

I am not sure the leaders were prepared for the public reaction to the incident ... they received outrage from the public, potential charges from the Utah State Parks, dismissals as leaders from the Boy Scouts of America, and the leaders even claimed to have received anonymous death threats. Wow.

The incident was not a good example of Scouting, but remember a Boy Scout Troop is only as good as the volunteer leaders.

In contrast to Utah ... we are in the process of remodeling our house. Yesterday, the floor man was at the house patching the hardwood floor. He is a Boy Scout Leader. We did not discuss the Utah incident, but we did talk about Scouting. Proudly he told me about the Eagle Scouts in their troop and of a recent backpacking trip. To this leader, it was all about the Scouts. It was a refreshing conversation and yes, this is Scouting.

Making Maps and Guides

A friend recently told me of a couple of obvious errors on a guide to cloudhiking. Oops, sorry. No matter how much time I spend checking for errors, some do occur.

We know that we make mistakes. We embrace our errors! Please continue to help us make the site information more accurate.


Happy Trails


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