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186 Shoveling Snow 2010-02-05

shoveled sidewalks

One disappointing thing about living in Nashville is it doesn’t snow. The predictions usually have some attached qualifiers, which almost always deliver rain, and leave the snow for our dreams. Our last significant snow event (more than a dusting) was 2003.

Then, last Friday, it happened. All the stars were aligned and we got snow. The city officially received four inches of snow, but our neighborhood got a few more inches.

As soon as possible, I shoveled the sidewalk and driveway. That is what residents do. They mow their grass in the summer and shovel the sidewalks after a snow in the winter. However, it almost never snows in Nashville, so the people of our fair city just didn’t seem to know who was responsible for cleaning the sidewalks. Channel 5, the CBS affiliate, felt obligated enough that they did a story on shoveling.

I am sure the story influenced many, but very few of those folks lived in our neighborhood. The city was so enamored with the snow event that schools closed for three days split over a weekend. Businesses cut the hours of the workday and malls closed early. It was a vacation for the city, the last thing the residents wanted was to have to shovel snow.

But if it ever snows again, maybe the city will be ready.

Some snow shoveling tips:

  • Dress in layers, it might be cold when you first go out, but you will soon be warming from the exertion.
  • Try to shovel as soon as possible, once the snow is packed it is harder to remove.
  • Shoveling burns over 400 calories per hour!
  • A snow shovel works best in powdery snow, but a square end shovel works better to remove ice.
  • A long handle is easier on the back.
  • Make a narrow path, and then expand it.
  • Push the snow ahead if possible.
  • Don’t twist your back, lift with your legs.
  • Don’t try any hero poses like throwing the snow over your back.
  • If you get tired or cold, go inside, rest and warm up before returning. The snow will wait for you.
  • Use your ipod if you need tunes to help motivate you. You know, they might even have an app for that!
  • Don’t use salt or other chemicals to melt the snow. They are not very environmentally friendly. Instead, use your 400 calories per hour to remove the snow! If some of the ice remains, you can use sand to increase friction.

I enjoy being out in the snow. If you are careful and use good technique snow shoveling is a good workout and a good excuse to be outside. Of course sledding is also a good reason to be outside and it is a lot more fun. Try to make time for both!

Happy sidewalks.

link - http://www.newschannel5.com/Global/story.asp?S=11915244


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