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028 Still Sick but Home 2009-01-05

planning for trips

Finally I am feeling stronger. Pneumonia is not much fun, but at least I am home and now can have not much fun in familiar surroundings. Any place beats a hospital though, if the nurses and doctors would just leave you alone then you could at least get some rest.

Back at the home front, I have my books and maps. Since I have been actively involved in outdoor recreation for over 40 years, I have amassed quite a collection of books and maps. When I am away from my library I miss the dreams.

I am a pretty high-tech kind of guy. I am on my fourth GPS and ??? computer (the number is higher than I might want to confess to). Both the GPS and the internet are great locations for maps; but I still prefer the hard map. I tried to use a GPS in the car, but soon grew tired of the unit complaining because it felt I was not going in the correct direction. I still carry the GPS with me, but I use an atlas for traveling.

On the trail I use the GPS regularly but also carry a map. The GPS gives me a close up view, whereas the map allows me to see the region. I agree it is extra weight, but the advantage of always knowing my location is more important than a few grams of extra weight.

Back at home after a trip, I look at the maps in a different light. Once I have been to the location the maps stir memories of the visit. Looking at the contour lines I am able to visualize the terrain, better than with Google Earth! Give me a map and I will find the earth.

Looking back at the hospital, maybe they should have a special wing for outdoor enthusiast. A library of books and maps would give the patient a longing to return to outdoor adventures and help heal their spirits. If you still couldn’t convince the doctor you needed to leave, then the maps would also be good to help plan an escape.

I have a follow-up doctor visit tomorrow. The end is near!


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