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156 Thanksgiving 2009 2009-11-27

Thnaksgiving around the table

Thanksgiving is the time for family and friends to get together for celebrations. Understanding that basic principle, we woke early ready to begin the festivities. My wife got a few things together and we were off to the Turner's Ranch for our large family gathering. Arriving early, we were able to receive a first class tour of the ranch's new barn. Chris guided us through his deluxe stables and introduced us to the horses living there.

Not long after, other family members began to pull up. In moments, the ranch was filled with fun and excitement. Food and fun were everywhere. Cousins, ranging in age from mid-twenties on down to eight or nine, ran to greet each other as they walked through the door. The younger adults clamored together in friendships while older adults caught up on family news and eyed the abundant supply of food. There were all the southern dishes that make a great Thanksgiving feast. Turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and more graced the tables and filled our stomachs beyond capacity. It was a grand time.

Unfortunately, our visit was called short as we returned home to finish preparations on Phase 2 of this day of celebration. I brought in more firewood as Amy readied the kitchen. Diane soon arrived with baskets of food and drink. John, Larry, and Heather arrived just a bit later bringing more food and, finally, our good friend Ray arrived. Dinner was slowly devoured. Following dinner were stories by the fireplace. Jon and Laura arrived and joined in as we laughed the evening away.

In the grandness of the day we gave thanks for all and to all. We shared trip highlights and a zeal for the outdoors which we all hold in common. We can not wait until next year.

Happy Tday trails.


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