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312 Thanksgiving 2010 2010-11-26

Thanksgiving Day Spread

Even though Amy had spent all day Wednesday cleaning the house and getting ready for Thanksgiving, there was still more to do on Thanksgiving Day.

Rose stuffed the turkey but on several occasions declared her acts as being barbaric and disgusting (at least when it came to removing the insides).

With Rose helping in the kitchen, Amy went to the woodpile. She was able to spend some time chopping wood. Wood splitting is an anxiety release for my wife. I too like to chop wood, but on this occasion I was shooed away like an unwanted boy from the kitchen.

Then we went for a Thanksgiving Dinner at the Dortch's. What a great time. Almost everyone was there, and that translates to about 40 people or so! There was a feast of conversation.

Back at the ranch, our turkey was also cooking. After too short of a visit at the Dortch's we hurried back home just in time to re-adjust the cooking times on the poor old bird.

Amy shifted gears and whizzed around the house taking care of last minute details before the gang arrived. As the front door opened, the preparation ended and the fun began.

Everyone brought food. The only trick still remaining was where to put the bowls.

Then we waited on Ray. Actually, we started to eat before Ray arrived. He had been delayed in the Park and was running late - shocker!

Dinner was great and Ray made a grand apologetic entry.

David on the balance Board

After eating, we went to the living room for more stories. Uncle David tried his luck on a balance board. Uncle John was warned by Aunt Renee not to even think about testing his balance on the board. It was a good time.

Rose said it best, "that's what thanksgiving should be about, sitting around and telling family stories on each other."

I also wanted to include the link from last years blog on the Shopaneer a blog about shopping on Black Friday.

Special thanks to all of our regular readers. We hope you too, had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy TDay trails.


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