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524 Thanksgiving Recap - '11 2011-11-26

Thanksgving feast

After three Thanksgiving meals in two days, we are finished with the holiday celebration. A holiday recap is in order ...

Amy spent all day Wednesday cooking and preparing for Thursday.

Rose (daughter) got home in the early evening. She had been dreaming about eating at her favorite resaurant, Calypso Cafe (Caribbean Cuisine), during her drive home. The restaurant closed early on Thanksgiving Eve. Rose was disappointed.

On Thanksgiving, Amy started cooking early, then we went to a family gathering. There were only about 20 folks at the dinner; but as usual it was a grand affair. It is so much fun to see everyone and to see how the children have grown. One teenager was probably six foot-four! As usual the children were very entertaining.

After dinner we hurried home to our dinner. With a small group of family and friends we shared great quantities of food. There were plenty of vegetarian options.

Thanksgiving was warm; but we still used the Morso stove to take the chill off the room. Everyone loved our new stove.

After dinner some other friends came over to share deserts and stories with us.

On Black Friday we went to Lowes for supplies to build a wood shed. A Walmart next door, did not seem busy and the cashier at Lowes said they opened early; but the shoppers were light. Judging from our experience, the shopping volume was no more than on a normal weekend.

Friday afternoon, Amy and I attempted to put together a Red Toolbox air hockey set. This was a kit for junior builders to construct. Two hours later, we finally finished the job and were playing air hockey. It was an interesting project. We decided some things must have been lost in the Chinese to English translation.

Friday evening was the famous after Thanksgiving Leftover Feast at a friend's house. It is a fun gathering and an assortment of recipes. One person commented that it was interesting to see what other people served for Thanksgiving.

We left early, exhausted, and immediately went to bed.

And for those interested the link to the Shopaneer blog from a couple of years ago ...

We had a grand Thanksgiving holiday and hope you did the same. Oh, and Rose did finally get to eat at Calypso!

We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving too.

Happy Thanksgiving trails


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