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847 Wildlife
from the Summer of '13

Moose with a light colored antler

Moose near Timber Lake (RMNP)

We are so fortunate to be able to take two month long trips during the summer. Living in the wilds (or at least close to the wilds) we happen upon wildlife almost daily. When we spot wildlife, we generally stop, watch, and perhaps take a photo. We love to see wildlife and do our best not to disturb them, afterall, we are the visitors.

Now, for a look at the some of the wildlife we saw on our summer vacation ...

The above moose was sort of special to us. We saw him in a high meadow returning from Timber Lake. He had one white tipped antler.

elk with a colar. The elk is tagged number 3

Elk #3 visited us at the Timber Creek Campground on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). You know how the old saying goes - the grass is always greener in the campground.

badger in the grasses of Marys Lake Campground

We saw this badger in Mary's Lake Campground in Estes Park. He was very busy hunting. This was our first ever badger sighting.

Two young deer near a snowfiled

We passed these mule deer above Lawn Lake on the way to Mount Fairchild.

a marmot poising on a rock.

We met this marmot at Granite Pass below the Boulderfield on Longs Peak. He was quite a poser. We were hiking the North Longs Peak Trail.

bison crossing the road in the tetons

In the Tetons, bison regularly blocked the main road to Gros Ventre Campground. Local residents would just drive through the herds, but visitors, like us, waited for the beasts to pass.

doe near our campsite at Jenny Lake Campground

This young doe spent an afternoon at our Jenny Lake campsite. She was not afraid of us, but we gave her no reason to be. She bedded down close to our tent.

Fluffed sage grouse

A sage grouse fluffed his feathers for us on the trail to Garnet Canyon in the Tetons.

two large bull elk

These elk were laying in a field near the Estes Park Library. They were really big.

stuffed bear on the sidewalk of boulder's Pearl Street Mall.

The black bear outside Mont Bell in Boulder was the only bear we saw all summer. I don't remember the last time we didn't see a bear, especially in the Tetons. Amy liked it that way!

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