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320 Patagonia Active Classic Boxers 2010-12-15

Patagonia boxers

It is the Christmas Season and if you are looking for a good gift for the guys, try the Patagonia boxer shorts.

For years Patagonia made briefs out of a lightweight capilene material. The briefs were warm and dried quickly due to the fabric; but Patagonia did not make boxers.

Finally, I wrote them a note and suggested boxers out of the silkweight material - now called Capilene 1 material. The next year, silkweight boxers were in Patagonia's Catalog. I am sure that I was not the only one who asked for the shorts; but I have been obligated to buy their shorts - after all it was "my idea!"

I don't know when in the '90's they began to make the shorts, but there have been some improvements. The original boxers were a sporty design leaving them shorter and tighter fitting than traditional boxers. A few years later they changed the des gin to mimic the standard Hanes shorts. The style has endured.

Improvements have continued as they made a quick release fly for when you are really in a hurry. Oops, just kidding. Patagonia has made minor changes to the fabric, waist band, and naturally the colors and patterns. Some of the boxers are truly festive.

I wear the boxers every day. In fact, they are the only boxers that I own. They are expensive; but the price is worthy. The material of my fifteen year old boxers is still in good condition. The elastic band has finally worn out; but that is after fifteen years of wear!

When the shorts finally wear out, you can even return the garments to Patagonia as a part of their Common Threads Recycling Program. The garment is recycled and does not end up in a land fill.

Happy boxer trails.


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