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893 Christmas Wish List 2013-12-11

Eno Lights on an outside tree

Christmas Tree with Eno Lights

With Christmas coming, here are a few gifts that for the adventurer on your Christmas shopping list.

Goal Zero guide 10 Plus charger


Smart Phones are simplifying (or complicating) many electronic choices. My iPhone is my alarm clock, camera, gps, music player, entertainment center, and book reader. It's hard to beat, as long as you can keep it charged. We have tried several IPhone charging products, and we have had the best luck with the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Charger. It charges the phone quicker than expected from the small solar charger. The charged batteries also quickly fill refill the charge of the iPhone. We have not used the Guide 10 Plus on other smart phones, but it should work. The battery pack by itself is also a good gift. It is a charger for 4 AA or AAA batteries and then as a power supply. On an extended trip, carry extra batteries (instead of the solar charger) to keep your smart phone purring.

Eneloop batteries and charger


We like the eneloop batteries. In the Guide 10 Plus, we charge eneloop batteries instead of the provided Goal Zero batteries. eneloops are costly, but they hold a charge longer and have an overall longer life. They are our battery of choice and a yearly stocking stuffer.

Nemo's Helio Shower


Nemo's Helio Shower is a great tool. It is the best shower we have ever used and because the pump provides enough pressure to direct the stream in all directions (including up) it can be used for many cleaning chores. It really is that good.

Smartwool PHD Light Crew socks on a table.


The Smartwool PHD Light Crew socks offer a warm, compression sock. The compression improves your circulation and helps keep your toes toasty. I like the crew height sock. I can keep them up for full coverage or turn the sock down and make it ankle height. A nice, well fitted pair of socks.

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp


We have used the Black Diamond Spot for a number of years. It is still a really good headlamp. It is bright, adjustable, and one set of batteries, lasts us for the entire summer. The one thing we do not like about the Spot, is that it seems awkward to replace the batteries. As you open the battery compartment, it feels as if you are breaking the unit. It has never broke, but the Spot uses so little juice, we hardly ever replace the batteries! so, we don't get a lot of practice. There are many headlamps on the market, but the Spot is a very good one.

Sea to Summit Folding Bucket filled with water

Camping Gear

One of our surprises of the year (2013) was the Sea to Summit Folding Bucket. It is a great camping accessory. We used it every day during our summer trip. In campgrounds we used the bucket because it was easier to fill than bottles. In the backcountry we used the bucket to collect unfiltered water and then we filtered or boiled the water as needed.

Happy Christmas Gifting trails

If you want to see more reviews ... here's the gear home page.


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