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386 Classic Trail Stove 2011-05-04

Classic Trail Stove

For years I have used a Gaz 270 camping stove. Then, recently a friend of mine, who has the same stove, commented that he could not find gas for his stove. I then started looking for a Gaz canister and I could not find them either. I had a bit of gas left in one can; but that was it.

Note: The Gaz canister is different than the now standard threaded canisters (Lindal valve) used by MSR, Snow Peak, Primus, and JetBoil. The only stoves that used the Gaz fuel were the Gaz stoves.

On our trip to Colorado/Wyoming last summer we carried two stoves and had two different types of fuel. One stove was for car camping and the other was for backpacking. Because of the different fuel supplies we had a lot of extra gear.

Trying to pack less gear for this year, we began to search for a good camping stove that used the standard fuel canister that we used on our backcountry stove. We were mainly going to use the stove for car camping; but it would also have to be the backup stove for trips into the backcountry (we would not carry both, but if we had trouble with a stove on one trip, we would not carry it on the next.) We were also looking for a stove that we could use for cooking - not just a boiler.


classic trail stove in use


We finally chose the Primus Yellowstone Classic Trail Stove to be our camp stove. We have a few Classic Trail tips ...

It uses the same standard (Lindal valve) threaded canisters that we use with our Jetboil stove.

The stove weighs 8 ounces.

It breaks down to a fairly compact size. It is packable.

The flame is adjustable.

The head spreads the flame for more even cooking.

The stove has a low profile. It should be stable, but we have only used it on a table.

It boiled 2 cups of water in just under 4 minutes. The time was not great; but it is acceptable.

The stove did not come with a piezo igniter.

We were going to include a wind shield to our camp cooking - Action Packer. It seemed as if the stove would be effected by wind.

The stove is sometimes called the Classic Trail, and sometimes called the Yellowstone Classic Trail.

Regardless of what you call it, our tests show that it is a good camp stove and only costs $25 at REI.

Happy Yellowstone Classic Trail Stove trails

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