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375 Critical Mass Bag 2011-04-13

Critical Mass Bag

Some years ago when I moved to an urban area, I began biking for transportation. Soon, afterwards I began looking for a messenger bag. I wanted a big carryall.

The first bag I bought was from a small company, Fat Eddy's, but it was not big enough. I returned to the store to buy a bigger bag. I came away with the Critical Mass. It was big. In fact it took a few practice runs just to learn how to ride with the big bag. Tweaking the straps between each ride, I finally fit the bag to my body and riding style.

Now, the bag lives on the back porch and is the bag I grab when going to the grocery or other store, when I expect to bring back a load. The bag will carry a lot of groceries.

A few Critical Mass tips ...

The bag holds about 2400 cubic inches, easily two of those throw away plastic bags.

It is made from a heavy material and is at least very water resistant. I hate to say waterproof, but mine has never been wet inside.

There are many adjustments on the bag. The across the chest strap holds everything tight to your body.

Depending on the load, you might have to adjust the straps. If you really have a full bag, you will have to let out on some of the straps.

The pack has a large stripe of reflective material.

My old bag has plenty of pockets, the new ones have even more. The added pockets are sure to make an impulsive organizer smile.

The wide opening makes the bag easy to load and unload.

I use the bag as a small duffle on trips.

You can really put a lot of things in the Critical Mass; but just because you can pack it, that does not mean you will be able to carry it!

Biking with a heavy bag is different and could be hazardous to your health.

If bigger is better, then the Critical Mass bag is for you!

Happy Critical Mass trails


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