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624 Jetboil - CrunchIt 2012-04-18

Jetboil's CrunchIt

We are always looking for ways to recycle more of our waste. Not only do we need to find ways to reduce our waste around the house, but we also need to find new and better ways to recycle in all aspects of our lives including our recreational activities.

In camping for years we have been using cartridge stoves that use the small butane/propane canister of fuel. The problem is, when we empty the canister what do we do with the can.

To recycle a fuel canister it needs to be empty, but it also needs to be punctured so the recycler knows without a doubt that the canister is gas free. You could take a hammer and nail and puncture the container, but most of the times I do not carry a hammer or nails on camping trips. Last summer while preparing for our summer trip we found a new Jetboil product - the CrunchIt.

The CrunchIt is a simple tool that punches holes in fuel canisters.

How to Use a CrunchIt

Make sure the canister is empty.

CrunchIt on the canister

Screw the CrunchIt onto the valve of the fuel container. It screws on very similar to screwing the stove onto the canister.

With the palm of your hand push down on the CrunchIt lever. It takes a little bit of force but is not overly difficult.

holes made by the CrunchIt

Rotate the tool around on the valve and poke as many holes as you like.

Recycle the gas free canister.

A few CrunchIt notes ...

On backcountry trips the CrunchIt would be useful to gas free the canister before flattening it (using a big rock or other heavy object).

The CrunchIt weighs 1.1 ounces

The CrunchIt can also be used as a bottle opener.

I found that it was difficult to attach the CrunchIt to the canister. After using it a few times it, I improved my technique. A pin on the CrunchIt goes into the valve opening of the canister. The pin seems to meet some resistance inside the valve on some canisters. So, when the CrunchIt seems to be aligned on the valve, I applied a bit of pressure with my thumb as I screwed it on.

It's not just a gadget, it's a tool!

Happy CrunchIt recycling trails


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