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739 ENO Twilights
LED Light String

ENO twilights on our outside tree

During the summer of '12 we spent two months on the road camping. One of our major goals on the trip was to develop an outdoor office, a place we could work while on the road. We bought a MSR Zing tarp to give us shelter and the CGear MultiMat for the floor. For lighting we were using the Black Diamond Apollo Lantern, but then on a whim we purchased the ENO lights from REI to supplement the lantern.

The lights were small, easy to string, and gave off just enough light for ambiance. We liked them.

We immediately thought that it would be the perfect Christmas gift, but then we found that the likely gift receivers already had a set. Now, how did that happen??? I guess, light minds think alike.

ENO lights on Jake the dog

Jake didn't mind being the center of Holiday cheer,
but he will do anything for a treat!

A few ENO notes …

The 23 lights are powered by two AA batteries. We naturally used eneloop rechargeables.

ENO claims the lights will burn for 72 hours. Ours maybe didn't last quite that long, but they did not seem like power hogs. We just recharged the eneloops.

Even though the lights are LED, they are not bright, but - that was one of the things we liked about them. They are bright enough to play cards, but probably not bright enough to read a small print book.

The lights are best used in a campground or for car camping. The lights will give those light stringing RVers a run for their money! ha! I don't think the ENO's are nearly obnoxious enough to really win.

A small case is included with the lights for storage. The lights and battery pack actually fit in the case easily.

For those wanting to add even more spice to their lives, the lights also come in colors.

Yes, they may also be used for holiday, party, or around the house decorations.

There are just enough lights to string around a tarp, tent, a small tree, or a big dog!

The ENO Twilights make a great gift.

Happy ENO Twilight trails


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