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555 Chuckit! Flying Squirrel 2012-01-11

Chuckit! Flying Squirrels

Jake, our Golden Retriever, requires a lot of attention. When he gets bored he lets us know it is time to play. Since playing is an every day occurrence, Jake has a collection of inside toys and outside toys. His favorite outside toy is the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel.

We purchased our first Squirrel six or seven years ago. Jake liked it immediately. Of course he loves to run, chase, and catch anything, but the Squirrels had one additional attribute, he could shake it. After Jake would make a catch, he then would shake the Squirrel, showing off. We were impressed. In fact we were so impressed, Jake now has a collection of Squirrels. He gets a couple of new ones each year.


throwing the Squirrel


The squirrels are easy to throw. Grab one of the corners (paws) and toss it with a forehand throw. It takes no effort, just a flick of the wrist. The Squirrels just float across the sky. Note: the Squirrels do not throw well with a backhand motion.

A few Squirrel notes ...

The Squirrels come in different sizes, Jake likes the large ones.

We get several years of wear out of each Squirrel; but we do not allow Jake to play tug with them.

The normal biting and gnawing that would shred a plastic disk, does not bother the Squirrels.

When the Squirrels get wet they do not fly as well. The Squirrels do dry out quickly, though.

We generally pick the Squirrels up before a rain. Sometimes we forget ... see the top picture.

The Squirrels have glow in the dark paws. If you played at night, other than in your backyard, the glow might make it easier to find the lost Squirrels.

The Squirrels float.

A while back, Jake chipped a small, lower, front tooth. We assumed it was from catching Squirrels. We probably threw a low, hard one, and he pinged his tooth with one of the plastic "paws". There are no issues if you throw lofting tosses. Of course he could have also cracked the tooth chasing rocks, running into something, or just being a dog.

Jake will play Squirrel for as long as you will throw the Squirrels!

Catch is Jake's favorite game.

Don't throw your arm out with tennis balls, just flick the Squirrels to exercise your dog ...


Jake playing catch


and watch him have fun catching them!

Happy Flying Squirrel Trails


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