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785 GoToob 2013-03-20

GoToob travel bottles

When traveling, we are always faced with packing dilemmas. We can either buy a small quantity of a product but at a large price or buy the larger quantity and repackage it. Well repackaging seems the most frugal, except when the repackaging fails. There is nothing worse as opening your duffel to find that an ooey-gooey lotion had somehow escaped the bottle and infiltrated all your clothing. Ahhhhh!

A couple of years ago, I bought Amy (wife) GoToobs from REI. I believe they were a Christmas stocking stuffer. It was not long before she bought more and soon had all her toiletries organized in GoToobs. I thought they were unique, but did not buy any yet.

Then last summer I was in need of a container to help organize sunscreen. The original container of sunscreen was large and I needed a container that was much smaller in size, weighed less, and would not leak. I needed a container to carry in my pack, everyday. Amy immediately suggested the GoToob. Of course she was not suggesting that I use one of hers, she had various liquids in each one, so on our next visit to REI we purchased more GoToobs.

GoToob disassembled

Amy has used the GoToobs for over two years and I have used mine for over six months, we have never had a mishap.

So for a few GoToob notes ...

The GoToobs come in 3 sizes 1.25 oz, 2 oz, and 3 oz. To help with organizing the GoToobs also come in different colors.

All the colors are transparent. The containers are approved for airplane carry-on.

To fill - unscrew the lid and pour!

To clean - wash with soapy water.

I had sunscreen in one bottle which was advertised for use while sweating or swimming. It was particularly difficult to remove from the GoToob. However, after soaking it a few minutes in soapy water, I then put a dish rag on my finger and cleaned the inside of the GoToob. The wide mouth bottle made the cleaning effort possible. With the bottle wiped clean, I then added more soapy water and put it in the microwave for a few minutes.

humangear the maker of GoToob suggested putting the containers in the dishwasher.

The GoToob does not leak or drip.

The tubes are food safe. They do not contain BPA.

We would use them more for backcountry travel, if they were lighter. They are fine for day hikes.

I saw where some users were complaining about the lids. We haven't had any troubles with ours, but we have not allowed a bull dozer to run over it yet.

GoToob warranties the lids and the GoToob. If you have any trouble, don't whine - take action and have the lid replaced.

And of course, if you bought from REI, they also warranty the item.

The humangear site (makers of GoToob) has a compatibility list on their site. One of my favorites, Dr Bronners Castille soap, is on the list!

Happy GoToob trails


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