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705 Guyot Designs

MicroBites and the big brother - The Utensils

A couple of years ago I purchased the Guyot Designs MicroBites Utensils. My wife, Amy and I have never been spork (spoon and fork combination) users, so I was more interested in the spreader, than the spork.

I am however, a peanut butter lover and am therefore always looking for a better way to spread the spread. A regular dinner knife does an adequate job of distributing, but the metal spreaders we use at home in the kitchen do a far better job. We do not carry dinner knifes with us on trips, instead we use reusable, plastic ware. The only problem is they break, so I was hoping the Guyot utensils would be an improvement. Amy thought the purchase was unnecessary, because she did not like the spork coupled with the spreader.

We used the spreader last summer ('11). Both of us liked it. We didn't however use the spork a single time. The spreader was great with peanut butter and hummus and was also an adequate knife to cut cheese. By the end of the summer we were wondering if Guyot sold the spreader without the spork. We wanted a couple more.

Then, as Christmas approached, I was searching for Amy a few stocking stuffers. We liked the MicroBites spreader so well, I decided to purchase one for her. I ordered the MicroBites on line so that our web site would get credit for the affiliate transaction. When the package arrived I found that the MicroBites had grown into The Utensils. Oops, I ordered the wrong one!

Both sets of utensils from GuyotI didn't even know Guyot made a big brother (of the MicroBites) set of utensils. Disappointed, I was going to return The Utensils, but then decided to keep them because the longer handles might make stirring and eating from a Jetboil pot easier. Maybe, Amy wouldn't notice that they were not the same size as mine.

Well, naturally Amy noticed that The Utensils were a lot bigger than the MicroBites, but we kept them anyway.

On the summer trip ('12), we packed both sets of utensils in our kitchen kit. We liked them. They were used almost daily to make my trail lunches, but we also used the larger, The Utensil set as a spatula and a knife. The larger spreader performed even better as a knife (than it's little brother) and we even used the sporks a couple of times while cooking and eating pasta dinners.

Both sets of utensils have now made a home in our Kitchen Kit. They stay packed and ready to spread the peanut butter!

A few Utensil notes ...

Okay, I don't know why, but when I took the spreader and spork apart, I could not figure out how to put them back together. I fiddle with them for a few minutes before I finally solved the puzzle. Then, I gave a separated set to my friend, Jon, to see if he could solve the puzzle. He immediately put them back together! So I guess it was just me.

The utensils are made from a nylon polymer. They don't break like simple plastic knifes.

Both sets are useful. The Utensils are better for group camping or car camping and the MicroBites are useful as a personal set and for backpacking. We used the larger set for cooking regularly.

I broke my plastic spoon this summer and then used the spork to spoon out my daily grits.

We were very pleased at how well the serrated edge of the spreaders cut.

We were very pleased with both sets of utensils and the Guyot company. I also read on the REI site (link below) that Guyot was a "carbon negative" company. What more could you ask for in a company that makes the best peanut butter spreaders? Nothing, so they got our vote for spreaders of the year!


Happy Guyot Utensils trails


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