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846 Nemo's Helio Shower

When we tested (Journal # 812 - Helio Shower) Nemo's Helio Shower before our summer trip we were quite surprised. We just filled the bag with water, added a few pumps, and we had a pressure shower. In our tests, the Helio was that easy to operate.

On our two month trip to the Rockies, we put it to the test. We did not use it every day, but when camping in locations without showers, we at least used it every other day. My wife, Amy, made me!

We were very careful to follow the campground regulations regarding showers. In the Tetons and on National Forest land, there were no rules for showers other than not to shower or bathe near the outdoor water spigots. In Rocky Mountain National Park they did not allow bathing, except in an outdoor shower station at Moraine Park Campground. And finally, there were actual showers at the Larimer County Campgrounds, so we did not use the Helio when we camped there.

So for a few showering notes ...

We have a Honda Element and it is made to be outdoors. By opening the side doors, we easily fixed a curtain and made a shower stall.

Unfortunately, we did not bring the Cabana tent that fits over the hatchback and tailgate of the Element. It would have been wonderful. With the Helio, it will make the perfect shower stall.

We also used a mat to keep our feet off the ground.

When we did not shower next to the vehicle, we took the Helio and walked into the woods to a secluded area to shower. Because the shower did not have to hang from a tree, finding a location was much easier.

For showering in the woods, I wore baggy running shorts.

Amy wore shorts and a shirt, but noted a loose, dark, dress would have worked better.

Crocs were our shower shoes.

We never really set the bag out in sun to heat it. Most campgrounds have rules that prohibit leaving water containers out, unattended (whether they enforce the rules or not.) Instead, we boiled water and added it to the tank. If it was cool out, we added more hot water and when it was warm we added less.

For soap and shampoo - we used an odorless, biodegradable product - All Terrain's Wonder Wash. We tried several other products, but found this to be the best. We definitely did not want to attract bears or other varmints to our site.

We did not visit the Outdoor Shower at Moraine Park, but our friends Jon and Laura did. Oddly enough, the shower has no restrictions on the type of soap or shampoo to use.

After filling the Helio tank, we were both able to shower from the one fill. Amy has short hair and I don't have much at all!

Storing the shower while it was still wet, was a slight concern (fear of mildew), but we soon got over it. As a rule we were using it every other day. It also dried in the storage container.

The pressure from the Helio was better than we've had at some motel rooms!

One of the most outstanding features of using the Helio Shower is the ability of the pressure hose to spray up. Meaning, it is even easier to clean the old arm pits and other upside down places. With gravity bags, spraying up is impossible.

We had no issues with the shower. It operated flawlessly.

The Nemo Helio is a great shower. From some folks who have tried many, it is the answer to the outdoor shower. Not only did the Helio make showering easier, it also saved us quite a few shower fees.

Happy the Helio Kept Us Clean trails



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