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362 Keen H2 Newport Sandals 2011-03-16

Keen sandal at the campfire

A few years back, when Keen sandals were first emerging as a player in the shoe industry, a friend of mine was wearing the first pair I had seen. My friend always tried to wear the latest in outdoor clothing so I knew the sandals must have been cool. The problem was I was not necessarily in to cool. I needed to warm up to the odd toe design before I would wear them. As I looked curiously at the Keen H2 sandals, my friend exclaimed, "they're waterproof!"

I looked at the sandals and laughed. How could any sandals be waterproof? My friend showed me the label claiming the repelling status. I just laughed. The sandals were not waterproof, how could they be?

It took a few more years before I swallowed my pride and purchased a pair of the waterproof sandals. Immediately I saw that they were comfortable. Somehow, I overlooked the waterproof claim and began wearing them all the time. The sandals are easy to slip on like a clog. They are sturdy enough to wear on a hike. I have friends with wide feet who love the Keen fit. The toe design protects your feet. The sandals do not pick up the scorn of sandals, the sneaky pebble, near as often as other sandals.

The H2's are a good sandal, however, every time I step in water my feet get wet! So, much for their weatherproofing. ha!!!

Happy waterproof sandal trails


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