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870 Kind Coffee
Flood Mud

Flood Mud label on a picnic table


For several years on our summer visits to Estes Park, we have spent a good amount of time at Kind Coffee. The locally owned coffee shop tries to do things right. They source "Certified Organic, Fairly Traded, and Water Processed Coffees". The atmosphere at the shop is relaxed and they offer wi-fi and electrical outlets. And if that is not enough, the company also belongs to 1% for the Planet. They donate a portion of their earning to help environmental causes. They are indeed a kind coffee shop.

When the flood came in September (2013), we began seeing images online of the devastation. Kind Coffee sits on the Riverwalk overlooking the Big Thompson River ... we knew they were flooded.

Not sitting on their laurels, their cleanup began and the shop was re-opened.

To help raise money for the Estes Park relief fund, Kind Coffee began selling a special brew, Flood Mud.

A special blend of red, brown, and black muds, with a hint of silt and sand, a twist of pine tree bark, and seasoned with trail dust. Yes, the very soil you walked on earlier in the summer is now in the brew. (confession, these are my words not Kind Coffee's!)

Umm good!

mug of brew with the Flood Mud bag.

We bought a couple of bags and to be honest, the coffee is really good. Recently we had bought some coffee from a major chain. The brew was so acidic that it gave me heartburn. The Flood Mud, gave me no problems, it was smooth and delicious. We started drinking the brew each day. After a week, we noticed that we still had Flood Mud left. What gives? The Kind Coffee bags are 16 ounces, not the standard 12 ouncers we find in the grocery stores these days. So not only is the coffee good, there is more of the goodness! That's mighty kind of them.

So there was the flood, the recovery, the lack of tourists because all the roads to the town were closed (well, demolished!), and then the Government shut down, closed the major attraction - Rocky Mountain National Park. Wow! We wish the best for Kind Coffee and the town of Estes Park.

Drink responsibly!

Happy Kind Coffee trails

Oh, good news, finally, Governor Hickenlooper has committed the state funds to reopen Rocky Mountain National Park.


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