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687 Kitchen Kit - 2012 2012-08-08

kitchen set in front of the tent

Continuing with the gear that we used over the summer (2012) ...

For years we have been perfecting our kitchen kit. This year the gear we packed was almost perfect. We used everything in the kit except for a few things that we would have used cooking on fires (the drought kept us from building campfires.) Of course, the kitchen kit was ideal for us, but maybe not for you. Here's some of the gear we used:

Action Packer - we store the kitchen kit in a Rubber Maid 8 gallon Action Packer - too bad it is not bear proof. It is a great storage container and table. We put a dish towel over the lid to serve as a table cloth.

Food Bags - we store our food in two cube shaped duffel like bags (no longer made) from Patagonia - once again, not bear proof. One improvement we would like to make is some kind of bear proof food storage.

Yeti Cooler - the Yeti is a great cooler. Ours is the older model that is not bear proof. We plan on upgrading to the newer model.

Platypus Water Containers - after using several leaky large water containers, we now carry the collapsible Platypus bags instead. They are easy to fill and stow. IT would be nice if they made a shower adapter to fit on the bottles.

Hydro-Flask - I use the small flask as an in camp water bottle and the larger "growler" as a large thermos.

Ti Sol, Jetboil - the fastest boiling stove that I have ever used. We also had good luck cooking with it. With out a doubt, we still think it is the best stove.

Yellowstone Stove - a great little stove by Primus. We used it for cooking with the big pot or Bake Packer. Our only complaint is that it does not have an igniter.

Outback Oven - we used the oven to make pizza and bread. The frying pan (the bottom of the oven) was also useful for eggs. By the way, the pizza was incredible.

Jetboil Pots - 1.5 liter and 3.0 liter - the small pot was for general cooking and the larger one for pastas. We did not use the supplied lids. Instead, we carried smaller lids we scavenged from other cook kits.

MSR Cup - a small lightweight coffee cup, my favorite for years.

Sea to Summit Delta InsulMug - Amy's cup lid broke and bought a new mug to replace it. She really liked her new cup.

Guyot Designs Utensils and Microbites Utensils - we loved the Microbites and for the first time used the larger Utensils - they were a good addition to the kit.

Spoon - the spoon I had used for years, a small GCI, blue spoon, melted into two pieces as I stirred the pot one morning. We upgraded to the Sea to Summit Alpha Light Spoon and Alpha Light Short.

Other significant notes ...

We used dish cloths as napkins, paper towels, etc. One of our goals was to use less paper products.

Last year we found a small garbage bag that was made from potatoes. The bags are supposed to self destruct in a relatively short period of time.

We used the Jetboil, Snow Peak, MSR, and Primus fuel canisters - the Primus canister was spent in just a few days - just an observation.


Happy Kitchen Kit trails


Camping Gear - 2012


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