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083 Lists 2009-05-15

equipment list

I live by lists. I make a list to go to the grocery. I write lists for chores. I print lists of errands. I have lists that just keep track of the lists that I have made.

My life isn’t really anally organized, I just need lists to help me remember. I do however admit without lists I am completely disorganized. So how did the organizing phobia begin?

Some college buddies and I were going rock climbing over three hours from school, when we got there I found that I forgot the ropes.

On a three day backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail, at the end of the first day I dug into my pack for my stove and found I had no fuel.

Getting ready for a rafting trip on the Nolichucky River, I found that I left the pump over two hours away.

Even recently, on a backpacking trip to Big South Fork I left most of my snacks behind, leaving me lunch-less. They were even ones on the list!

When I go to the store and forget to buy an item (which might have been discussed at some length) in my defense I immediately respond, "it’s not on my list."

Now, I make lists for everything. If someone is going on a trip with me, I make a list for them too! I don’t want my trip mates to forget anything either.

Years ago I heard rumors of outdoor adventure programs that sabotaged trips by sneaking around and taking an essential items from the participants. Without the key piece or pieces of gear the students were forced into more difficult situations. I questioned their tactics, if I try my best, even with a list, I will more than likely forget something on my own, no need for anyone playing tricks and forcing me into an emergency situation. I wish the outdoor programs taught how to be better organized and how not to forget items rather than waste time on some sensational grabbing realityTV ploys. The programs should teach how to make a better list.

So if you have trouble remembering, make your lists. The more detailed the list the better. And remember, just in case you are accused of forgetting something, check the list and repeat these famous words, "it’s not on my list."

Note: any list is worthless unless it’s checked. I can write snacks on the list, but unless I make sure they get into my pack, they will never make it to my hungry belly!

Happy trails.


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