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179 Nano Puff Pullover 2010-01-20

Patagonia's Nano Puff Pullover

In the months before Christmas I began dropping hints to my wife for the best gift possible for me. To increase the odds that there would be no confusion, I actually blogged about my wishes. Then on Christmas morning there it was, a Nano Puff under the tree. Santa Claus does listen.

After opening the package I put the Nano Puff on and have worn it every day since, let’s see 26 days in a row. When it was very cold it was a great layering piece. As the weather warmed, it became a great mid-weight top. This morning I even wore the Nano to walk Jake in the rain, it did great. It is not waterproof, but it did shed water.

Comparing the Nano to the R1, a waffle design fleece pullover, the Nano is decidedly warmer. It also weighs less (about nine and a half ounces to eleven and a half ounces for the R1), stuffs smaller and is wind and water resistant. By the way, I actually like the R1, the Nano is just better.

Trying to help with the blog, my wife recommended that I test the washing procedures. I told her it wasn’t time yet, I still needed to test the garment for odor resistance! She then offered to help with the washing. Hmm.

I would recommend the Nano as a "have to have" mid-layer. My only complaint is that I had to take the Nano off to take pictures of it for the blog! Buy one, it is a classic design that will last for years to come.

Happy Nano trails.


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