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730 Nathan Quickdraw
Water Bottle

Nathan Quickdraw Water Bottle

In the mid 80's I began long distance trail running after watching a television show on the Western States Endurance Run. I was not much of a runner and did not even know anyone who was a trail runner. Running on trails just looked fun to me and a good way to see lots of the trail in a short amount of time.

pouch of Nathan QuickdrawThe gear I used for running in those prehistoric days was just hiking gear with slight modifications. I would cut off useless straps and flaps and add new ones for compression, etc. In a small day pack, I carried a couple of pint water bottles, a small first aid kit, a map, rain gear, tp, a few candy or snack bars, a small Eveready flashlight, and a hat, gloves, and bandana. When I wanted a drink, I stopped and took off my pack or tried to run/walk while getting the bottles out of the pack - a dangerous maneuver. I didn't have good gear, so I learned not to drink very much!

The trail running sport and gear has come a long way. Manufacturers make a bevy of gear to help runners. I have been using a hand held water bottle for a few years now. I hardly ever drink from the bottle, but I like having it nearby, just in case ... Then this summer, I stored my hand held before leaving on our summer trip and then when I returned home, I could not find it! I looked everywhere for the lost bottle. I had a few other bottles but I did not like them as well as the one that I had misplaced.

Finally, Amy and I visited REI. The store had a rack full of running gear including various sizes of bottles with many different features. I ended up with a Nathan Quickdraw. After using it for a few months, here are a few gear notes ...

All the bottles were good, they just have different features.

I wasn't super excited about the mouth piece, it was hard to open and close - it might break in after time.

The bottle is safe - no BPA.

The pouch is large enough to hold an iPhone or other smart phones.

I use the pouch to carry a clotting bandage, I fall a lot!

A small supply of tissue could also be carried in the pouch.

The hand harness has reflective material for night running.

The strap that secures the bottle to your hand does not stay tight. The webbing is too thin for the adjustable buckle. I will fix it, if it continues to annoy me.

The greatest feature of the bottle is the ID tag. I am always forgetting to carry an ID with me. With the ID tag, all I need to do is remember to carry the bottle.

The bottle and harness were comfortable.

The bottle could also be carried for hiking or walking. It sure beats carrying one of those disposable bottles.

I like the bottle. The problems I had were really nit-picking. I would definitely buy another one!


Happy Nathan Quickdraw trails


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