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779 Nite Ize Gear Tie 2013-03-06

Gear Ties

Fun with Gear Ties

Many days of my youth were spent mountaineering in the backcountry. As the primary goal of the trips was climbing, inclement weather at times left the would be climbers, camp bound. Passing time under a leaky tarp was not fun. After a couple of days you had already made all the jokes you could about passing gas and were just plain bored. To while away the hours the group would gather under a single tarp and play twistee. The object of the game was for the sculptor to make an object from a bread sack twistee and the others tried to guess what it was - sort of like today's Pictionary. Twistee developed into a fun game - more fun that counting rain drops.

After those long summer trips, I had a new found respect for the simple bread sack twistee. I also found that not only were the ties good for playing games, they were also good for temporarily closing or securing almost anything.

Gear Ties holding up a lantern

Gear Tie securing a small lantern

In recent years I found that Nite Ize has transformed the simple twistee into a reusable Gear Tie. That's right you can use the ties over and again to hold, tie, close, or hang just about anything they can go around. And, what's even better, the Gear Ties also make the game of twistee, even more fun.

The Gear Ties perform an endless number of duties constrained only by the user's imagination. So for a few Gear Tie notes ...

The small 3" ties come in a packet of four and weigh 0.2 ounce (for all four).

The 12" ties have two ties in a package and weigh 0.4 ounces (for two).

The longer ties seem more useful, but the smaller ones are less bulky. I guess that's why they made different sizes!

Though they would be very useful in the backcountry, they would not fall in the necessary category for most lightweight packers. After all, 5 of the 12" ties weigh an ounce! Hmm ... maybe I could carry just one, and not tell anyone.

The Gear Ties do not rust like bread sack twistees. Didn't know bread sack twistees rust? Just use them under a rained soaked tarp for a few days!

Gear Ties are reusable.

The Ties do not have to be twisted to hold their shape. They hold when they are just wrapped around an object.

The Ties are extremely useful around the house. Try them instead of velcro straps for securing power cords, USB cords, etc. Gear Ties hold securely, but they don't make that ripping velcro noise.

In the vehicle, Gear Ties help organize your gear for the road trip.

In the garage use Gear Ties for extension cords, tools, and equipment storage.

And of course, Gear Ties make great twistee ties for an exciting round of twistee.

The Nite Ize site has an amazing assortment of organizational gear. Check them out.

Happy Gear Tie trails


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