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162 The Perfect Jacket? 2009-12-11

Patagonia Puff Jacket

Years ago - pre-Amy, I kept my thermostat low in the house. My savings from the discomfort, I spent on new jackets. It was cold enough in the house that I needed lots of layers to offset the low temperatures.

Fast-forward..., now, Amy and I have also decided to keep our thermostat set low. I have plenty of jackets, but I am always looking for a better one. A few years back I purchased the Patagonia (naturally) Micro Puff Hooded Jacket. (At the time when I got mine, I think it was just called the Puff Jacket.) Instantly I fell in love with the jacket and it was promoted into the number one jacket position on the coat rack. Soon I bought Amy the same (but smaller) jacket. After ranting to all of our friends, at least one also has purchased the jacket. So how can all of us like the jacket that much?

It is made by Patagonia, a company with a conscious.

It has a hood. I cannot believe how many times I use the hood. When I get a little cool - pull up the hood. Viola, instant warmth.

It packs well. It is more jacket than the regular puff, but it still is small enough to put in the pack.

It is warm. Well, there is the hood, but it also has a great weight of insulation. Just right for light activity in normal winter temperatures. If you live in the Arctic Tundra, like our friends Kit and Bob, they probably need a bit more jacket, but it still is a great layering piece.

It is versatile. When I first got the jacket I thought it would only be an around the town jacket. I liked it so much it soon also became my around the camp jacket. Then finally I started throwing it in my pack to use as a just in case jacket.

It is designed in an ageless style. The jacket will never be out of style. Beware of weird ’00 colors that might not be fashionable in the years to come.

My only complaint is that (on my jacket at least) the pockets are just the shell material, with no insulation. They are hardly hand warmers. Of course adding the insulation would add weight and bulk. So that is a trade off. But, wait a minute. I just got off the phone with Andrew of Patagonia and he told me that the new 2009 jacket pockets are insulated!!! So now the jacket is perfect! At least for me it is perfect and perhaps you should give it a try too.

Happy hooded trails.


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