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579 R1 - Patagonia Pullover 2012-02-15

r1 tops on table

All of our friends know that we wear Patagonia clothing. If not exclusively, we at least wear the brand regularly. We like the company and their products. So how unbiased can a review be of a company that we like so much? We review the gear that we buy and use. Since we are the ones buying the gear, we have favorites and Patagonia's clothes are near the top of that list.

For years we wore the old Patagonia expedition weight clothing as a heavyweight under layer. The zip-t was a thick tightly woven synthetic top. It was for seriously cold weather. The top morphed into the R1 design when Patagonia changed their fleece line up seven or eight years ago.

The old expedition top had about the same design as a sack with sleeves. The top could be worn on trips to the wilds; but never in public without the risk of ridicule. The R1 top has a better cut and design. It is a nice looking, sweater weight top. It has been one of our favorites for years, it is about time we said a few words about the top.

A few R1 tips ...

There are no special washing instructions. Throw it in the washing machine and dryer. It also dries quickly on a drying rack or line.

The cut of the top is shaped (unlike the sack of yore) but not too tight to be uncomfortable.

A waffle design of the synthetic fleece fabric aids in the insulation qualities of the top. The fabric helps trap air in the waffle pockets.

The zip tee design adds ventilation to the top when it is unzipped and extra warmth when zipped, closing the top like a turtleneck.

The R1 has Spandex blended into the fleece so the fabric stretches.

To store essentials such as glasses or electronics, the R1 has a small zippered chest pocket. The zipper closes to the top, just the way a zipper should.

Compared to a Nano Puff (another Patagonia top), the weights are similar. The Nano is wind and water resistant, whereas the R1 breathes. Each design has its advantage. Both tops compress well.

The R1 fabric is also available in a full zip jacket and a hoody.

The R1 is a great top for the mountains or town. Now, is a great time of year for buying, as most of the stores have the tops on sale. The big Patagonia Winter Sale also begins tomorrow (02/16/12) at their site.


Happy R1 trails


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