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393 SmartWool PhD Light Crew Socks 2011-05-11

SmartWool PhD Light Crew Socks

With my REI dividend this year I bought a few smaller items that I had been interested in trying but for whatever reason had not purchased yet. One such purchase was the SmartWool PhD socks. Eyeing the socks in the store, they seemed to be about the right thickness for my boots and running shoes; but they were $20 a pair! I'd wait until my dividend.

After ordering the socks, I let them sit around the house for several days, I finally put them on. My first impression was the socks were very similar to the light hiker socks sold by Patagonia. It would not surprise me, if Smartwool didn't make the Patagonia socks. I have had good luck with he Patagonia socks.

Next, came the boot test. The boots that I was going to wear with the socks were the Sportiva Ganda Guides, a tight fitting scrambling shoe. The PhD socks seemed a little thicker than the ones I had been wearing and I was therefore a bit concerned about the fit. Surprisingly, the socks slipped into the boots without bunching around my toes. They filled the boots but there were no creases, bumps, or ridges.

Next, Jake, and I went for on our morning walk. The socks made for a comfy ride. I was duly impressed. It seemed as if the boots and the shoes were almost a perfect match.

A few SmartWool Light Crew Sock tips ...

I read a claim on the SmartWool site that the PhD socks vented better than other socks. I will just have to see. In running shoes, the vents are at least partially exposed and might help regulate the temperature but in leather boots, I am not sure if the system would be as effective.

I am not sensitive to wool so I do not have to worry about the annoying scratch that keeps some folks from buying wool socks.

Already owning several pairs of SmartWool socks, they all seem to be very good at keeping my feet as dry as possible.

My wife constantly reminds me of my foot odor. The SmartWool socks are not supposed to hold odors. Listen, can you hear Amy cheering? Well, she is!

The upper sock was tight. To re-phrase, the entire upper sock was tight. I don't like those thin tight bands at the top of some socks. The PhD socks were form fitting. They supported the foot and did not act like a tourniquet on my calves.

I have not worn them long enough to test them for durability, but they are a SmartWool sock. I have never had trouble with any of their products.

My biggest concern was how the sock would fit in my boots. It was a perfect fit and I will therefore begin to replace my old socks with the SmartWool PhD, as they are needed.


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