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536 Stocking Stuffers '11 2011-12-13


Don't know what to get your outdoors friend for Christmas? Are you looking for an inexpensive gift for the hiker or backpacker on your list? Or are you just trying to find a couple of special stocking stuffers?

Well, we are here to help. Ho, ho, ho. While looking for gifts at REI in the Health and Safety Department, we found these special gifts that are sure to meet the needs of that someone special on your list.

As a disclaimer ... we have not tried all of these products but most looked fun.

10 - Banana Boat Sport Lip Balm - We use this product. It is our favorite lip balm and sun protector. A few years back Banana Boat stopped selling the product. We found some at a closeout sale that held us over until Banana Boat brought the lip balm back last year. Amy bought me a box of 24 tubes! We share; but still have quite a few tubes in reserve..

9 - GoToob - those expensive little squeeze bottles. I have never used GoToobs; but have bought them for Amy as a stocking stuffer. She loves them and has bought more. She claims that they don't leak at all. I just like the name.

8 - Maduka Yoga Mat Towel - it seems that if you yoga, you need a special towel to wipe the sweat away.

7 - Lugable Loo - as everyone knows, if you need a "loo" why not spend the extra money and make it a lugable one. Okay, the Loo will not fit in the stocking; but you might be able to use it as a gift container and store other gifts in it. That is one place even the snoopiest of snoops would not look.

6 - Slim Rescue Howler - this is not just a whistle, it is a howler. In fact it is a rescue howler offered in a compact size.

5 - Pro-Tick Remedy Tick Removal System - the system includes a tick remover, magnifying glass, and tick identification card you can keep in your wallet. This gift would make someone a card carrying tick identifier.

4 - Lightload Beach Towel - is a 3 by 5 towel that compresses to the size of a hockey puck. The real selling point of the towel is that the packaging claims that it is "the only towel that is a survival tool."

3 - Cotton Buds Toilet Seat Cover - for the man that has everything. It is the perfect gift for those who use unsanitary outhouses. The cover is not actually made out of cotton.

2 - Fox 40 Force CMG Whistle - what is special about this whistle, well it has a "CMG" of course. Don't know what a CMG is? It is a cushioned mouth grip, naturally.

1 - Double Doodie - is the bag to go inside the Lugable Loo. It is a double bag - an inner waste bag and a leakproof outer bag. On top of all of the bags design features, it is also has a cleaver name.

We hope you saw something that you liked : )

Happy shopping trails


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