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284 Tectron Deodorizer 2010-09-22

Tectron Deodorizer

On Sunday we linked to a story (09/19/10 Scree) about a woman who stabbed a man in the back because he made fun of her smelly feet. To prevent further acts of violence we decided to review and endorse Tectron Deodorizer.

My wife used to complain that I had smelly feet. She teased me gently and I did not try to stab her; but I thought at times she was ready to throw my favorite shoes in the trash. The smell was accentuated when we went for long stretches without showers. I tried several over the counter drug store items from known brands; but the foot deodorants just seemed to flavor the odor. The smell returned with a vengeance. I threw the shoes out of the tent and told them they would have to fend for themselves in the event of an animal attack. No one touched them.

Before our summer trip I had bought Tectron Deodorizer to go in my foot kit. I had tried a similar product and had marginal success. The Tectron product was even less expensive. Well, in packing somehow the foot kit did not make the trip with us. While traveling we stopped at several outdoor stores looking to replace the product; but I could not remember the name. We were forced to make desperate visits to the drug store.

After the trip I found my foot kit and the Deodorizer and began to use it. The product was truly miraculous. I soon was spraying all of my shoes. Shoes that I had to keep locked in the garage were given a new life. Tectron saved their soles. The odor was gone.

Tectron comes in a 4 ounce spray bottle. The application takes a couple of short squirts per shoe. After a couple of weeks I have used a fourth of the bottle. The instructions say the Deodorizer can be sprayed in boots, shoes, and on gear such as packs and sleeping bags.

I was in love with the product; but was it too good to be true? I began to wonder what was in the deodorizer that allowed it to neutralize the noxious smells? It had to be toxic. It was probably similar to the kudzu eradication products they are trying to use in Mississippi.

The only ingredient listed on the label of the Tectron bottle was isopropyl alcohol. Also on the label was a statement, "Earth safe Tectron. Use it and feel good about it." The product is supposed to be "as earth friendly as possible". I am not sure what that means. It does have a fruity smell.

So instead of stabbing someone in the back because they are making fun of your smelly feet, try Tectron Deodorizer. It really works.

Happy non-smelly feet trails.


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