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371 Patagonia's Ultra Shorts 2011-04-06

Patagonia Ultra Shorts

I am one of those kind of shoppers that continues to search for gear until I find something that is right for me. Once I find the piece of gear that fits and works well for me, then I try to buy extra ones. After all that time I spend looking for an item, I want to make sure that I have enough to last a few years if the company discontinues the item.

In the world of marketing, it is hard to guess how long an item will be made. Some companies change their catalogs each year, answering the need to have the latest and greatest, newest, and most improved. Other companies try to stick to an item that works. The Ultra Shorts have stood the test of time.

Rather than short little running shorts, these longer shorts can be used for just about anything you want to do in a pair of shorts. I have used mine for hiking, swimming, rock climbing, bicycling, lounging, every day wear, and of course running. They might not be the best shorts made; but they are good ones.

A few Ultra Short tips ...

The fit is loose.

The shorts have pockets to store your Hammer Gel.

Somehow Patagonia designed the shorts so they do not ride up in the crouch when you are running. Super fit runners with little bitty legs might not have issues with the ride up; but on slightly overweight, wanting to be more fit runners , the ride up is not good!

I wear the shorts under my pants in the mountains. They are warmer and more flexible than underwear. When the day gets warm, I take my pants off. I know they make pants with zip off legs; but I like this system better.

I love the front pockets.

The shorts have a 9 inch inseam. They fit me right above my knee.

They dry very fast.

I have seven pairs of Ultra Shorts. My wife marked the shorts Su, M, TU, W, Th, F, and Sa. She got tired of me trying to decide which pair to wear each day! Ha!

Happy Ultra Shorts trails


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