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858 GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner Chair 2013-09-18

Wilderness Recliner chair on a deck

A few years back, my wife's mom gave us (or actually Amy) a GCI Wilderness Recliner Chair. We had many outdoor chairs but graciously said, thank you.

I took the Wilderness Recliner to the garage and stacked it with all the other chairs. The chair did not seem to have any exceptional features that made it stand out, but it was comfortable, hmm, very comfortable. Slowly, through the years the chair became a favorite of mine. Yes, I know it was Amy's gift, but she's my wife, she likes to share : - )))

A few Wilderness Recliner notes ...

The chair is sturdy, but then it is heavy - our scales show it a little over 6 pounds. The REI Specs Page shows the chair as being 9 pounds. Maybe it has been beefed up since we got ours?

The chair looks good. The medium blue color is not shocking and the wooden arm rests add character and style.

To adjust the back of the chair from the upright position to a reclining one, a webbing strap and buckle is released. The buckle is difficult to release or tighten, if it is under tension. Sit up and then adjust the strap.

The chair's lumbar support adds to the comfort. I like to add a small pillow to dial in the perfect fit for me.

I have been known to take a nap in the chair. Yes, it is that comfortable.

The chair includes a cup holder. I don't ever remember using the holder. The chair is so close to the ground, why bother with the cup holder? However, we have never taken the chair to the beach. In the sand, a cup holder would be useful.

A small storage pocket is located beneath the front of the chair. We have never used the pocket, but we still haven't taken the chair to the beach.

To aid in carrying the chair, backpacking straps are included on the back of the chair. We have never used the straps. The straps do not look comfortable, but they would provide a means of carrying the chair if you were also carrying something else in your hands.

For storage, the chair easily folds, but it does not collapse.

The chair is ideal to use for car camping, canoe camping, picnicking, and going to the beach.

We really like the chair. By far, the chair's top features are it's sturdiness and comfort. If you don't mind the weight and size, it would be hard to find a better chair.

Jake, the big dog,  sitting in the Wilderness Recliner chair.

Birthday Boy, Jake (10) sitting in the chair - yes, a treat was involved in the pose!

Happy Wilderness Recliner Trails



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