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546 Christmas '11, the Gear 2011-12-28

Christmas Tree

Christmas was exciting this year with stockings and gifts filled with outdoor treasures. A few things of note ...

Sanuks - Yes, Jon, I finally have a pair. I am sure that they are going to be an instant winner; but they seem more like a shoe than a sandal!

Jetboil 3L Cooking Pot - We really like the Jetboil products and are looking forward to the bigger pot for campground cooking.

Black Diamond, Apollo Lantern - the light that resembles the spacecraft. We have tried several lights, we hope this one works better.

Camp - We like playing games and finally, Santa brought us the best camping game - Camp.

Eneloop Batteries - In the summer we began using these batteries - they are, by far, the best rechargeables we have found and we nowhave a drawer full.

Nathan LED Strobes - If you bike in the dark, you are always looking for a better way to be seen. These small lights have some great strobe patterns.

Guyout Designs Utensils - Santa thought that these were the MicroBites instead of big utensils but they still seem useful. We have used the MicroBites spatula/spreader/knife and love it. The Utensils are an even bigger version. We will see ...

Ecofan - To help spread the heat from our Morso stove through the house, Santa brought an Ecofan. We are not sure how effective it is but it is at least fun to watch!

Gransfors Bruks - A Swedish, handcrafted wood axe, that is an amazing tool. If Paul Bunyan carried one, it was no wonder he chopped down so many trees!

Wow, we had a great Christmas; we hope you did too. Oh, you might be hearing about a few of these gifts in the near future with gear reviews ... after we play with them for a while.

Happy Santa's trails


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