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008 Banks or Schools 2008-11-19

West End Middle School

I wish this blog was about the banks of the river and schools of fishes, but it’s not.

As we all know the greed of the banking institutions has led to the collapse of the industry requiring a $700,000,000 bailout. Now we find that the bailout might not fix the problem. We (as in the taxpayer) need to spend another $20,000,000 here or there to help and we still do not know if it will mend all of the fences.

With the banks going under, the nation is under a serious recession. Unemployment is rising, money is hard to earn and obtaining credit is even harder. Businesses don’t have money to purchase goods because shoppers are tightening their belts, manufactures have no business and are laying off employees, the unemployed only have money to buy the essentials and can’t be the extravagant shoppers of yore.

Meanwhile the states are being hit with a significant reduction in collectable taxes leaving them to reduce services including education. Sad, but the states have to balance their budgets.

So how do we get out of a recession? Well, we need more Jobs. And Gates, and Edison(s), and Fords - as in Steve, Bill, Thomas, and Henry. We need inventors and creators. We need education to make them.

It is mind boggling to consider the revenue delivered to the cities, counties, states, and federal government by any one of these inventors. In times of despair we might need to cut back the money to lots of programs but if anything the money to education needs to increase. We are even more in need of a system that builds intelligence.

As for me, I think we should run the money changers out of the temple and hail the conqueror, the inventor being nurtured along by the education system. That sixth grade science student is our future, and answer to recessions present and future.


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