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218 Earth Day 2010 2010-04-21

earth day sign

Saturday, April 17th, Nashville celebrated Earth Day. For Nashville it was the 9th annual event and seemed to be bigger than ever. (I hope to get an exact estimate, oops how can an estimate be exact? Okay, I hope to post an official estimate soon.)

Centennial Park filled with celebrators on a near perfect weather day. Under the trees surrounding the band shell, exhibitors displayed their ideas and wares in small booths. Each display demonstrated how the exhibitor made for a greener earth.

Science Center Booth

In just the few hours of the Festival the consciousness of Nashville rose to a greener level. New products spurred "ah hah" moments of like minded individuals. Being green was on exhibit. The new ideas were making it easier to be green.

The festival was full of diversity. Not everyone was interested in the efficient wood burning stoves at (n)Habit which caught my eye; but there was something for everyone. Croft Middle School even had a booth. I checked out their web site and found the focus of the school is Global Environmental Awareness. They have been recycling printer cartridges and are beginning to recycle mobile phones.

croft middel school booth

To some, the main attraction of the event was the entertainment. They were not short changed. Music filled the stage and grounds. The drums rang loud. Dancers moved to the rhythm of the beat. The artist gave their all. It was a green celebration.

main stage

By the way, this just in... an email back from Claudia Schenck of the Earth Day Festival Committee gives us an official estimate. She said,

"we have had estimates of 20-25,000 (people in attendance) - the largest and most successful Earth Day Festival so far. Over 100 vendors and the Merchant Village was a huge hit.
We even sold out of all t-shirts which has never happened before and had to put an online order form up because so many people wanted to have the shirts and we were out."

Thanks Claudia.

Earth Day Festival 2010 was a memorable event for the city of Nashville. It was a revival of greenness. Can’t wait until next year.

Happy earthy trails.




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