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633 Country Music Marathon 2012 2012-02-04

runners at Country music Marathon

Saturday (April 28) was the Country Music Marathon. We left the house at 0645 to ride to our friends' house to watch the event. We took our position along the curb at around mile 4 and waited for the runners. At about 7:20, the lead runners appeared.

Soon, our small group began cheering. Lisa, the queen of pep, led the rooting. Amy yelled until she was hoarse. Cynthia waved and high fived lots of runners on their way. I am not sure if Cynthia actually knew as many of the runners as she pretended to know, but she gave 'em all that 'you're my best friend' smile anyway.

We hung out for a couple of hours and then had to get back home for work. (I am close to finishing a Hallets Peak map.) Here are a few of our observations ...

It was warm. Most runners do not like the warmer weather and were already hot when they passed us at mile 4.

There were hardly any "elite" runners in the event. Two of the contributing factors (supposedly) were 1) the race sponsors had changed and were offering less prize money and 2) the race course is hilly.

We enjoyed the event without the elite runners. The men's and women's winners were both young first time marathoners.

A juggler was running in the event.

A Chinese Dragon was also on the course.

We did not see any wheelchairs pass our viewpoint.

There were a few bare barefoot runners - sans shoes. One was running on the road's painted stripe to ease the impact and abrasion.

Still more folks were running gingerly in the barefoot shoes.

There were at least two prosthetic leg runners. They were amazing.

For some reason there were not as many folks out cheering (at around mile 4) as there have been in years past.

Watching the race is entertaining and the runners appreciate the cheers.

When the leaders passed by our position on the curb, I noticed that the queen of pep, Lisa, was not yet cheering. I asked her what was wrong? 'Nothing, these guys (the good runners) just don't need cheering.' When the red faced, panting, runner/walkers arrived, the cheers of encouragement rang out non-stop. Many runners came over close to us just to say, thanks.

That's why Country Music Marathon is special.

Here are a few pics ...

Runners passing

Dragon runners

the side line

Happy cheering trails


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