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405 Crosswalking 2011-05-27

neighborhood crosswalk

In a recent Action Line article in the Tennnessean (newspaper), the inquirer asked for help with crosswalks. She didn't have any trouble in using the crosswalk, instead her issue was vehicles that would not stop for her, a pedestrian - even when she was pushing a stroller.

I guess the complainer just did not understand how busy most drivers are. Most drivers have to get somewhere as fast as possible. It really doesn't matter where they are going, just as long as they can get there fast. Pedestrians crossing the road might make the drivers slow down or even stop. Stopping is in direct conflict with going fast. : )

The law (Metro Code) regarding pedestrians is clear. Pedestrians have the right of way. They do have to obey the traffic signals; but as long as they are on the sidewalks (or side of the road when there is no sidewalk) the pedestrian has the right of way.

So why do drivers not know these rules?

The drivers who do not yield to pedestrians, do not walk anywhere and therefore do not understand the issues of use.

There is no enforcement.

Pedestrians are in the minority. Drivers are not used to pedestrians in crosswalks.

Daring pedestrians make vehicles yield to them; however such tactics are dangerous. Only persons with eyes on all sides of their head, lightning quick reflexes, and the ability to disappear - should try these maneuvers. : )

Timid pedestrians yield to vehicles. Drivers believe the timid behavior is normal.

Drivers are distracted. They are multi-tasking while driving and just do not see the pedestrians. You can't really blame them, they are eating, sending a text, and having to watch that crazy driver in front of them all at the same time - they can't be looking out for pedestrians too! : )

Drivers are in a hurry. They want to go too fast. Pedestrians are just in the way of a fast moving car.

There also needs to be (as suggested in the Action Line article) more signs informing drivers of the law. Many more intersections should have crosswalks painted. In some cities, middle of the block crossings have a traffic light that is activated by the pedestrians.

As more people see the health benefits of walking more pedestrians will fill the streets. Drivers must be aware of and yield to pedestrians or, better still, park the car and join them.


Happy crosswalking trails


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